Doctor K. Aal-Anubia

Business & SocioEconomic Development Consultant, NC 100
Doctor is the President/CEO of Raleigh NC based Network Commerce Association, LLC and licensed
Financial Adviser & Future FinTech Savant.
He is a professional with over 20 years of experience representing Fortune 500 and Small to Medium
Enterprises; providing business services management consulting within Healthcare, Real Estate, Higher
Education, Utilities (Energy/Telecom) and Not for Profit sectors. His firm helps NC 100 serve as a good
steward of resources, as we decrease costs of operations while increasing market, finance, human
capital and technology capacities.
Through our relationship with his network, NC 100 operates effectively to teach underprivileged youth
entrepreneur skills. Our participants will create high skill careers as well as high wage and high demand
careers in North Carolina and our global economy.