North Star Children’s Initiative (NSCI)

As we develop and coordinate tangible services to meet the
needs of children living inside and outside of multiple low
income areas in Rockingham County, we are creating a
coalition of like minded organizations to build a continuum
that supports young people and their families from age 5 to

By 2022, we expect to have 25 partner organizations and
expect to see more than 100,000 rural and urban folks
working collaboratively.
We also know our collaboration with others in this work
will strengthen the very foundation on which this
community will always stand, and hopefully inspire and
energize future leaders.

RCCE raised nearly $60,000 from
Since forming NC 100, we have
raised nearly $400,000 for our
partners, programs, and future
operation/sustainability goals.
By 2025, our goal is to raise 1MM