Equity within economic development

  • If buying local supports healthy communities, and the mission and values of my organizations are tied to relevant healthy community outcomes, why are non-profits still primarily shopping at Amazon?
  • Should mission-based organizations consider balancing the need to look for cost savings that benefit your bottom line but lead to purchasing that harms the greater community?
  • In other words, should nonprofits be considering (and be supported to pursue) their own “buy local” policies?
  • Can Nonprofits create a multiplier effect in spending with locally-owned, minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned or disabled-owned businesses much like commitments to green/environment-friendly spending?
  • NC 100 is doing this work, spending time with non-profits statewide to help identify opportunities to do better when you know better.

Equity within our trusted systems

  • We live in constant tension between conflicting worlds. The world as it IS and the world as it should BE.
  •  NC 100 channels our passion to effect change-constantly challenging ourselves and others to be true to ourselves, by not being afraid to point out the contradictions between what a person/organization professes and how it acts.
  • Our work is to focus on making sure we do everything we can to support anyone doing this work systemically in workforce development and communities of people that have been marginalized or justice-involved.

Please download our short whitepaper on how your organization can support equity in our economy.