NC 100 is a non profit organization focused on mapping and identifying opportunities to enrich 100% of our communities, using strategies influenced by experts inside and outside of Rockingham County, building new platforms for collaboration and accelerating change.

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Our Work

Where Leadership, Community, and Illumination converge…

* Supporting Middle School Students, Teachers and Families
* Focused on exploring college and career pathways and developing leadership skills


NC 100, in partnership with banks and credit unions produce community and school based simulations that ignites passion for financial literacy and experiential learning. 

* NC 100 is a Convener and Agitator, dedicated to helping dismantle barriers to achieving equity through partnership and thoughtfulness.


Building new platforms for collaboration and accelerating change.

NC 100 is a not for profit organization based in Rockingham County, NC connected to and working directly with local and statewide leaders that believe in the power of community organizing and extending networks as an avenue for supporting education, workforce development, and community service.

Our Stories

Rockingham County High School Alumni Unite

Tyesha Pickard UNC Greensboro- Class of 2020 NC 100 Intern

“Throughout my internship. I had the chance to improve my networking skills by conducting relational meetings with different people of other non-profit organizations, learning about grant writing, and learning how to plan and direct ideas into action.”

Tango B. Moore
Reidsville Area Foundation Grants Manager

“NC 100 provides community support and services directly aligned with two of our organization’s funding priorities: education and community development.”

Frequently asked questions

Wondering about something? Here are our answers on the most common questions we get. 

How can folks help?

Resources, Funding, or Volunteering helps the most. Our work is supported by our many donors, volunteers and friends in NC, but also by organizations like the Reidsville Area Foundation, BB&T Foundation, and Z Smith Reynolds Foundation. 

Where are you located?

We want to support all of Rockingham County, but now most of our current work is centered in Reidsville, NC, developing a programs for 6th graders with hopes of developing a leadership curriculum that grows, following participants through graduation. 

Are my donations tax deductible?

We know there are a lot of worthy causes in the world, so thank you for helping us provide access to opportunity and building stronger communities. Our organization is 501(c)3 (determination letter is accessible by request) and all donations to this work are 100% tax deductible under IRS Tax Code 170.

Our Friends and Supporters

We will never claim to have all the answers to supporting community, but we all can be agents of change- helping folks achieve varying levels of financial independence, creating more opportunities to organize, support public school educational outcomes, and help enhance the quality of life for folks in Rockingham County. Our collaboration with others in this social justice work will strengthen the very foundation on which this community will always stand, and hopefully inspire and energize future leaders, which is one of the greatest human acts possible.

Merald B. Holloway NC 100

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