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NC LEAP (Leadership, Empowerment, and Advancement)

Summary of offerings:


  • Access to Leadership training and tools for career exploration
  • Exposure to different people, places, and experiences inside and outside of Rockingham County
  • Introduction and support in developing employable skills, the value of networking, and lessons in fiscal responsibility
  • Committed to accepting middle school students and following progress until age 22
  • HIGHLIGHT EVENT: SUMMER EXCURSION! 2019 destination was ATLANTA,  where 16 students were invited to learn about businesses from various sectors, that are run by or supported by Rockingham County products. We toured institutions of higher learning and other historical landmarks. 2020 tour will likely be a trip to New York City.


Acceptance requirements:


  • New 2019-2020 school year members must be in 6th or 7th grade, enrolled at a public school in Rockingham County, and MUST be nominated by a current teacher/school employee, parent/guardian, or community leader by 12/1/19.
  • The 2018-2019 cohort includes returning students in 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade.
  • Demonstrate strong academic and/or leadership potential.
  • Maintain a B average* (In some cases, we will accept students with less than B GPA if we feel the student is committed to improvement)



Million Dollar Fundraising Goal by 2021:

  • 100% of all private donations to NC 100 are deployed on programs and activities directly impacting Rockingham County residents. 
  • In 2020, NC 100 will partner with other non-profits and financial institutions to create and execute a campaign to build what we call a Rockingham County Love Fund, focusing on getting contributions from former residents that want to support county-wide improvements and scholarships!
  • Many of those funds going towards providing staff and capacity for NC 100, as well as funds to provide workforce opportunities for teenagers and professional development.